4 Reasons Residential In-Ground Pools Should Use Ladders Instead of Steps


If you ask your kids, they'll probably tell you the best way to get into a pool is to cannonball, whereas the best way to get out is simply to haul yourself up at the edge. However, even home swimming pools should have proper entry and exit points. For in-ground pools, this usually means either fitting a built-in ladder to the side of the pool or designing a pool with internal steps that allow you to slowly climb in and out.

17 August 2023

Two tips to follow after buying pool maintenance equipment


If you've just stocked up on some pool maintenance equipment, here are some tips to follow. Inspect your maintenance equipment after each pool-cleaning session When advising their clients on how to take care of their pools, pool contractors often place a strong emphasis on the regular inspection of the pool maintenance equipment. Inspecting your equipment each pool-cleaning session can help to ensure that there are no issues with it that could make your next session more challenging.

19 July 2022

How to Choose the Right Cover for a Cleaner Pool


A pool cover not only protects your pool from debris, it also ensures safety for your little kids and pets. Some cover models also prevent evaporation and enhance chemical retention. But choosing the right cover for your pool is not always easy due to the many options available.  Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you choose a pool cover for your swimming pool.  Pool Size and Shape

14 December 2021

Three Things You Need To Consider Before You Finalise Your Swimming Pool Plans


Swimming pools are a classic addition to any Australian home and one that many people work towards from a young age. When you finally get all the cash together to buy yourself a nice swimming pool, it is easy to jump at the first good deal you see, but that can be a mistake. Instead, you should first think about several things that will determine how your pool is built and, more importantly, how well it lasts into the future.

11 March 2021

Infinity Pools Tips: How to Find the Best Design


Improper installation of infinity pools can lead to the lack of appeal of the completed structure. Moreover, if the pool is not designed or built properly, some performance problems might arise. Conversely, when it is built properly by qualified infinity pool builders, it will perform excellently and be a focal feature of your property. Therefore, it is essential to engage a qualified pool contractor for the design and construction of the pool.

30 July 2020

Preventive Maintenance Tasks to Extend the Durability of Your Spa Pump


Regular pump maintenance is the key to optimal performance and longevity of the equipment and the entire spa. Since spa pumps are installed out of sight, it's easy to forget them during routine maintenance. However, neglect can cause premature wear, which will affect operations and possibly lead to the need for pump replacement. Therefore, to protect your pump from wear and damage, here are some preventive maintenance tasks to undertake.

12 February 2020

5 Signs You Need a New Irrigation Pump


An irrigation pump is essential if you need to move water from a lake or pond to your fields. However, occasionally, you need to invest in a new pump. Wondering if you should start shopping for a replacement pump? Here are a few signs the time is right. 1. Your Pump Is Not Repairable If your irrigation pump stops working, you don't necessarily need to replace it. There are all kinds of repairs you can do on your own or with the help of a professional.

18 March 2019

Pool Ideas to Keep Children Safe


Keeping a pool safe for everyone when children are playing in the garden is something all homeowners need to consider. Of course, parents of toddlers who have an outside pool may well be sensitive about the issue already. However, grandparents and people who invite children to their home for a party or a barbecue should also make sure that their pool is safe if children will be able to access it.

14 February 2017

House Maintenance to do at the End of Summer


When the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start performing some necessary house maintenance. This is not only to help with certain areas of your home that were used regularly during the hotter weather, but also to get ready for the next cold season. Keep in mind if you live somewhere that is still warm in the fall, some of this can be done near the middle of fall when the weather starts cooling off a little.

17 November 2016

Time Investment You May Not Consider When Buying a Pool


When you buy a pool, you usually consider the cost of installation and the cost of any pool chairs/accessories you may wish to purchase with it, but you may not consider some of the maintenance costs your pool will require. Because your pool is being exposed to all elements of the weather, you need to be prepared to do maintenance year-round. Sometimes, this maintenance is very time intensive. You must be prepared to care well for the pool; if you do not perform maintenance properly, your pool could become dangerous.

12 August 2016