Three Things You Need To Consider Before You Finalise Your Swimming Pool Plans


Swimming pools are a classic addition to any Australian home and one that many people work towards from a young age. When you finally get all the cash together to buy yourself a nice swimming pool, it is easy to jump at the first good deal you see, but that can be a mistake. Instead, you should first think about several things that will determine how your pool is built and, more importantly, how well it lasts into the future. Here are three things your swimming pool builders would want you to think about before you contact them for a quote.


Shade is something that is so important when it comes to outdoor living, and often, it is not considered enough when planning your pool. However, natural shade is also not so great for pools because trees will lose leaves, and these will end up either clogging your filters or making your pool look dirty. There are many options for shade, such as shade sails or awnings, and it is just important that you incorporate this shade design into your overall design of the pool so that you do not need to awkwardly jam it in later on once the pool is done. 

Major Features

A pool is only as good as the fun you have in it, and most swimming pool builders will suggest you think about adding in several fun features that make the pool more attractive for both everyday and special uses. While a spa may not be in everyone's budget, diving boards, water features, plunge pools and infinity edges are all viable options that will not cost an arm and a leg. Try and think of what you love in a pool before you contact any builders, as this will make the whole process a lot quicker if you give them something to work on.

Location, Location, Location

It cannot be stressed enough that you should really think about where to position your pool before you start planning what it should look like. Think about problems that will only come up in the future, such as if it is at the bottom of a slope, will it overflow when rain comes down the hill? Or is it directly in the sun during sunset, making it hard for anyone to see anything? These little touches turn a pool that people sometimes like to go in into a pool that everyone loves jumping in as soon as they get to your house!


11 March 2021

The Biggest and the Best: A Pool Idea Blog

A pool is a major decision. You have to decide exactly what type of style, depth and features you want, and you have to design the area around the pool. You also have to make a lot of decisions about pool heaters, filters and other accessories. Hi, my name is Pauline, and I love my pool. However, I did a lot of research before having it installed. Sadly, I have friends who aren't as happy with their pools simply because they didn't put enough research into the decision-making process. If you are getting ready to buy a pool, I want to make sure that you find a pool that makes you happy. Because of that, I'm here to help you with this blog. Thank you for reading!