Pool Ideas to Keep Children Safe


Keeping a pool safe for everyone when children are playing in the garden is something all homeowners need to consider. Of course, parents of toddlers who have an outside pool may well be sensitive about the issue already. However, grandparents and people who invite children to their home for a party or a barbecue should also make sure that their pool is safe if children will be able to access it. There are a number of means that pool owners can use to make their swimming pools safer so far as younger children and non-swimmers are concerned.

Step Access

Ensuring that it is easy to get out of a pool if a child falls in is essential. Therefore, steps should be provided that also have handles to help younger ones haul themselves out. Remember that if a child falls into a pool by accident, then they may be fully clothed, which makes getting out a lot harder unless stepped access with handrails is provided. If you already have steps or a ladder in your pool, then make sure that they are maintained and kept in good working order every year.

Movement Restriction

Permanently blocking your entire pool area off from general access may not be entirely practical depending on your garden. However, installing high-quality balustrades is often enough to prevent younger kids from getting near to the pool where they might be in danger of falling in. When children are bigger, they can sometimes run and play games near to a pool. As such, putting pool fencing in between a lawn and a pool is a very good way of preventing slips and of creating two distinct zones in a garden. This approach helps children to know where 'poolside rules' apply and where they do not by creating a visual barrier just as much as a physical one.

Immersion Detection

Usually sold in the form of wristbands, immersion detectors are great devices to have if you have a pool or a pond that is out of view. All you need to do is to put one on every child who is a guest at your home, making them the ideal choice for when you are hosting a special event. In the event that a detector becomes immersed in water, for instance when a child wearing one falls in, it will sound an alarm at a base unit, which could be mounted anywhere near to your property.


14 February 2017

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