Time Investment You May Not Consider When Buying a Pool


When you buy a pool, you usually consider the cost of installation and the cost of any pool chairs/accessories you may wish to purchase with it, but you may not consider some of the maintenance costs your pool will require. Because your pool is being exposed to all elements of the weather, you need to be prepared to do maintenance year-round. Sometimes, this maintenance is very time intensive. You must be prepared to care well for the pool; if you do not perform maintenance properly, your pool could become dangerous.

Regular Maintenance

Some parts of swimming pool maintenance are not costly but do require time. The easiest part of pool maintenance and the part that should be done the most often is skimming the pool with a net. This will remove any floating leaves or dead bugs and should be done three to four times a week to keep your drain from being clogged.

Next, you will need to vacuum the pool. You can have an automatic vacuum run at the bottom of the pool or you can manually operate one. Whichever vacuum you choose, you will need to buy it, which does incur a cost. Next, you will need to brush the walls of the pool with a stiff brush. This will keep mold and bacteria from living on your pool's walls. The brushing should be done once a week before you vacuum.

Last of all, you will need to "shock the pool" to kill any organisms living in the water. This includes adding chlorine. Confirm that you are following the manufacturer's instructions when adding so you do not add too much chlorine.

Irregular Maintenance

The above parts of maintenance should be done on a weekly basis, but the following maintenance steps should only be done if you sense a problem. If you have a pool heater, you will need to replace this every few years. You will need to refill the pool if the water level falls, and you should regularly use a home testing kit to measure the pH level of the water. If the pH level is out of balance, you will need to add chemicals.

If you live in a cold climate, you will need to remove the water from your pool using an air compressor. Any remaining water can be removed using special pool antifreeze. Make sure you unplug the pool's heater and clean the pool thoroughly before covering it up. For more information, contact local professionals like Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd.


12 August 2016

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