How to Choose the Right Cover for a Cleaner Pool


A pool cover not only protects your pool from debris, it also ensures safety for your little kids and pets. Some cover models also prevent evaporation and enhance chemical retention. But choosing the right cover for your pool is not always easy due to the many options available. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you choose a pool cover for your swimming pool. 

Pool Size and Shape

First, you should consider your pool's size and shape. If you have a standard pool size, you can easily find a cover for your pool at a reasonable price. Otherwise, you will need a custom-made cover for your pool. A pool cover that opens and closes securely is vital for safety purposes, so take correct measurements as you order a custom pool cover. 

Also, asymmetrically shaped pool covers (such as a star or octagon-shaped cover) are not easy to come by. You might need to place a custom order. However, kidney, rectangular and Grecian pool design covers are often easier to find from your local swimming pool equipment supplier.

Type of Pool

The type of pool you have also influences the type of cover you will need. A pool can either be in-ground or an above-ground pool. An in-ground pool is a permanent fixture built within the ground, while an above-ground pool sits above ground, and you can uninstall it if you wish. 

The piping and hard-to-reach areas of an inground pool make it quite difficult to clean, which explains why solid vinyl covers are popular with in-ground pool owners. A vinyl cover prevents the sun's penetration into the water. This cover inhibits algae growth when water gets warm. As a result, you can clean the pool less frequently when the seasons change. 

For an above-ground pool, you can choose a mesh pool cover. Although this variant costs less than a vinyl cover, you may have to deal with algae growth since a mesh cover doesn't block the sun's rays. Therefore, you will need to clean your pool a lot more often. 

The climate in Your Area

Keep in mind the climatic conditions in your area as you choose a pool cover. For example, if your area experiences harsh winters, a winter-type or a mesh pool cover could be a perfect pick. 

Winter covers wholly shut down your pool during winter and keep debris out of your pool. These covers are thick and can handle the harshest winter conditions. Mesh covers are porous and allow melted snow to drip through the cover into your pool.

However, for warmer areas, an automatic cover will minimize evaporation from your pool and keep the pool water warm.  

These tips will help you find the right pool cover for your backyard oasis. Remember, if you can't find a pool cover at your local pool equipment supplier, you can always order a custom cover for your swimming pool from a reputable dealer. For more information, reach out to a swimming pool cleaning service near you.


14 December 2021

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