5 Signs You Need a New Irrigation Pump


An irrigation pump is essential if you need to move water from a lake or pond to your fields. However, occasionally, you need to invest in a new pump. Wondering if you should start shopping for a replacement pump? Here are a few signs the time is right. 1. Your Pump Is Not Repairable If your irrigation pump stops working, you don't necessarily need to replace it. There are all kinds of repairs you can do on your own or with the help of a professional.

18 March 2019

Pool Ideas to Keep Children Safe


Keeping a pool safe for everyone when children are playing in the garden is something all homeowners need to consider. Of course, parents of toddlers who have an outside pool may well be sensitive about the issue already. However, grandparents and people who invite children to their home for a party or a barbecue should also make sure that their pool is safe if children will be able to access it.

14 February 2017

House Maintenance to do at the End of Summer


When the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start performing some necessary house maintenance. This is not only to help with certain areas of your home that were used regularly during the hotter weather, but also to get ready for the next cold season. Keep in mind if you live somewhere that is still warm in the fall, some of this can be done near the middle of fall when the weather starts cooling off a little.

17 November 2016

Time Investment You May Not Consider When Buying a Pool


When you buy a pool, you usually consider the cost of installation and the cost of any pool chairs/accessories you may wish to purchase with it, but you may not consider some of the maintenance costs your pool will require. Because your pool is being exposed to all elements of the weather, you need to be prepared to do maintenance year-round. Sometimes, this maintenance is very time intensive. You must be prepared to care well for the pool; if you do not perform maintenance properly, your pool could become dangerous.

12 August 2016

Helping keep your swimming pool clean to protect people with immunosuppression problems


There are a growing number of people in the community with immunosuppression issues, such as those who have had a transplant,  those who are undergoing chemotherapy or people with immune disorders such as HIV. Pools and aquatic exercise can be a wonderful way for people who aren't feeling well to recuperate but do need to be kept clean to stop spreading germs and bacteria. Here are some tips to make sure your pool is as clean as possible.

20 July 2016

Building a Pool Without a Backyard


While swimming pools are traditionally built in the backyard, in some cases this is not possible. If you would like a pool but have a minimal backyard, for example if the backyard has been subdivided and rebuilt, then you may need to be a little innovative. Here are some things to contemplate as you plan a front yard pool.  Privacy Front yards often have more passing foot traffic, including unexpected visitors such as the workman coming to read the gas meter!

13 April 2016

Three Important Considerations for Selecting a Home Spa Heater


If you enjoy spending time in your spa or pool but are often deterred by the cold, you should consider installing a spa heater. Basically, this type of device will allow you to heat the water and keep it at the most ideal temperature for usage. There are diverse types of pool heaters in the market in terms of brand, operation and size. Therefore, selecting the right product for your residential applications can be difficult, particularly if you are buying the device for the first time.

12 April 2016