Two tips to follow after buying pool maintenance equipment


If you've just stocked up on some pool maintenance equipment, here are some tips to follow.

Inspect your maintenance equipment after each pool-cleaning session

When advising their clients on how to take care of their pools, pool contractors often place a strong emphasis on the regular inspection of the pool maintenance equipment. Inspecting your equipment each pool-cleaning session can help to ensure that there are no issues with it that could make your next session more challenging. For example, a quick inspection of some items may make you realise that you need to rinse them off before putting them away.

For instance, the scrubbing brush you use to remove the algae from the pool walls should be thoroughly rinsed to remove every bit of algae from its bristles. If you don't do this before your next pool cleaning session, you might end up reintroducing algae into the water. Whilst these bits of algae won't necessarily end up clinging to the walls again, they may collect in your pool filter and cause it to get clogged up prematurely, which will then result in you having to clean this filter more frequently. Additionally, you should check your skimming nets for holes that, if they're not mended, might result in debris falling back into the water when you try to use one of these nets to pick it up during your next cleaning session.

Consider asking a pool contractor for a tutorial on how to use the equipment

If you're not familiar with some or all of the maintenance equipment you've been advised to buy, it might be worth having a pool contractor visit you and provide a tutorial on how to use it correctly. For example, if you've purchased a high-tech robotic pool cleaner, having an expert demonstrate which settings to use, based on how often your pool is used and how quickly aspects of its immediate environment (such as nearby trees) will make its water dirty, will mean you won't have to experience any frustrating learning curve with it and will instead be able to create a clean and hygienic pool with this gadget, from day one of using it.

Likewise, having a pool contractor show you what type of scrubbing motions to use when removing algae from the pool's interior will also ensure that you don't have to work this out yourself, and exhaust yourself unnecessarily in the process, whilst having them show you the best position to stand or crouch in whilst skimming the pool for debris could save you from developing a backache from doing this task.

For more information on pool maintenance equipment, contact a professional near you.


19 July 2022

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