Infinity Pools Tips: How to Find the Best Design


Improper installation of infinity pools can lead to the lack of appeal of the completed structure. Moreover, if the pool is not designed or built properly, some performance problems might arise. Conversely, when it is built properly by qualified infinity pool builders, it will perform excellently and be a focal feature of your property. Therefore, it is essential to engage a qualified pool contractor for the design and construction of the pool. In addition, consider using these guidelines to aid you in creating your infinity pool.

Avoid Small Basins

The construction of an infinity pool can be quite costly. However, you should not attempt to cut the expenses by building a smaller catch basin. This lower pool is crucial because it is designed to capture the water overflowing from the primary pool. Therefore, it must match the overflow needs of the entire setup. Keep in mind that the basin might seem large enough from a theoretical point of view. However, when designing your pool, you must consider the effect of multiple people being in the pool on the overflow and, subsequently, the catch basin.

Plan for Waterproofing

Proper waterproofing will preserve the integrity of the wall. If the walls of the pool are left bare, there will be infiltration of water into the construction material. This will cause gradual deterioration and eventual failure of the structure. When planning to waterproof an infinity pool, you should not treat it as a regular pool. You must account for the overflow. In simple terms, ensure that the outer surfaces of the main pool over which water will flow are also protected. Also, choose a product which will minimise scaling to prevent a decline in aesthetic.

Consider Filling

You should plan for the filling of the infinity pool to prevent a decline in the water levels. In general, these types of pools experience more water loss than standard alternatives. This can be attributed to evaporation which is accelerated due to the larger surface area and the constant movement of water. Moreover, some water is lost due to the overflow. Therefore, it is essential to have a plan for auto-filling the structure. An ideal design should be targeted at filling up the catch basin because the level will decline in this zone. The upper pool will always be refilled as water recirculates. If possible, use an electronic system for levelling to ensure optimal water level maintenance.

Finally, it is prudent to plan for effective pumping and filtration of the infinity pool on both levels for easier water maintenance. Reach out to a builder at a company like The Hills Region to plan your pool. 


30 July 2020

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