Helping keep your swimming pool clean to protect people with immunosuppression problems


There are a growing number of people in the community with immunosuppression issues, such as those who have had a transplant,  those who are undergoing chemotherapy or people with immune disorders such as HIV. Pools and aquatic exercise can be a wonderful way for people who aren't feeling well to recuperate but do need to be kept clean to stop spreading germs and bacteria. Here are some tips to make sure your pool is as clean as possible. 

Ask people to shower before they enter the pool

Normal skin has a wide range of bacteria from our contact with other people and surfaces. Most of this bacteria is harmless but some bacteria that naturally sit on the skin can be harmful is swallowed or it comes in contact with a mucous surface such as the nose. This is especially true for people with suppressed immune systems who struggle to fight off common skin infections. Make sure all users shower before they use the pool. An ideal situation can be to have an outdoor shower installed near the pool and some signage around the pool for guests.  

Ask sick people to sit out

While people are actively fighting off an illness, particularly gastro, it's a good idea for them to stay out of the pool. This can stop tiny amounts of infected fecal matter coming in contact with other users, which can easily spread between pool users. 

Make sure all babies and toddlers wear swim nappies

Even children who are largely toileted trained can still have toileting accidents so it's a good idea to ask for any toddlers or babies to be fully contained swim nappies. These can be purchased from supermarkets for a relatively low price and are an easy solution so that young children can still enjoy the water without risking contaminating the water. 

Get the pool regularly serviced

In order to keep filters working to the optimum level and keep pool dosing at the right it's a good idea to get the pool regularly serviced by a pool contractor. It is often more cost-effective and hygenic to get issues fixed quickly while still minor, rather than letting the pool get out of control and needing more serious work to fix. 

With some simple checks before you enter the pool and ongoing pool maintenance swimming pool can be a relaxing option for people with immunosuppression issues to relax and feel better. 


20 July 2016

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