Building a Pool Without a Backyard


While swimming pools are traditionally built in the backyard, in some cases this is not possible. If you would like a pool but have a minimal backyard, for example if the backyard has been subdivided and rebuilt, then you may need to be a little innovative. Here are some things to contemplate as you plan a front yard pool. 


Front yards often have more passing foot traffic, including unexpected visitors such as the workman coming to read the gas meter! You may want to think about how to increase the privacy of your front yard including increasing the height and coverage of your front fence as well as the type of pool safety fences that you selected. Additionally, if you are surrounded by higher buildings such as two storey buildings you may also like to think about some coverage from above such as topping the pool with a shade sail or gazebo style roof to maximise privacy in the pool. 


While you may have walls for the front of the yard, you also need to ensure that the pool is surrounded by appropriate fencing, including a lockable gate. In some cases, you may need to offset the pool from existing fencing as this can provide a mechanism for people to climb over the safety mechanisms. 

If you wish to use your existing fencing you also may need to modify the current fencing  to ensure that it meets the appropriate standard for your local council and state regulations


While you might be eager to maximise the size of the pool to increase the usability of the area, it's a good idea to get a professional pool builder to create a customised pool solution that meets your needs while working with available space. Having some space around the pool for seating can be great for adults to enjoy some poolside snacks and drinks while watching the kids swim. 

Sometimes using some of the side space or a corner of the yard in an innovative pool shape can also be useful to create a pool that makes the most of the available space. 

If you would love to have a swimming pool but do not have the space to place one in the backyard, it can make sense to get a professional pool designer around. They can come up with a pool design that makes the most of your existing space and meets all of your needs including safety and privacy. 


13 April 2016

The Biggest and the Best: A Pool Idea Blog

A pool is a major decision. You have to decide exactly what type of style, depth and features you want, and you have to design the area around the pool. You also have to make a lot of decisions about pool heaters, filters and other accessories. Hi, my name is Pauline, and I love my pool. However, I did a lot of research before having it installed. Sadly, I have friends who aren't as happy with their pools simply because they didn't put enough research into the decision-making process. If you are getting ready to buy a pool, I want to make sure that you find a pool that makes you happy. Because of that, I'm here to help you with this blog. Thank you for reading!