Three Important Considerations for Selecting a Home Spa Heater


If you enjoy spending time in your spa or pool but are often deterred by the cold, you should consider installing a spa heater. Basically, this type of device will allow you to heat the water and keep it at the most ideal temperature for usage. There are diverse types of pool heaters in the market in terms of brand, operation and size. Therefore, selecting the right product for your residential applications can be difficult, particularly if you are buying the device for the first time. Here is a short description of the critical factors that you should evaluate before selecting a home spa heater.

Power Source

When choosing a spa heater, it is important to ensure that the powering requirements match your residential setup. There are three primary sources of power which are ideal for modern spas: electric, gas and solar. Electric spa heaters are perfect for residential use because the device will simply tap into your existing electrical system. This means that there will be minimal special considerations during installation. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity in terms of long-term operations. However, this choice is only perfect if you have gas lines within your property. Solar heaters provide a renewable heat source, but the cost of system purchase and installation can be high.

Heating Capacity

Spa heaters are fabricated in different sizes and consequently, their heating capacities will vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the sizing match between your spa and the heaters in the market. Normally, you should consider factors that will affect the effectiveness of the heater. The main aspects of interest include pool volume, surface area, temperature differential and desired heat-up time. In simple terms, larger pools with high volume will require heaters with more heating capacity for optimal efficiency. Additionally, if you are in a cold place or you want the spa heated up fast, you will require high capacity heaters. Unfortunately, such products can be expensive, so you should find balance between capacity and price.

Special Model Features

You should inquire about the special features incorporated into each spa heater before purchase. These can improve your convenience when the device is in operation. Check the control specifications of the product and compare with your needs. An LED panel or remote control makes setting the temperature easy. You should also look for a heater that operates quietly for a favourable ambience. In addition, ensure that the new device is easy to install to avoid increasing total project costs. 

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12 April 2016

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