Choosing between salt water and chlorinated treatments for your swimming pool


If you are looking to get a swimming pool installed in your home, one of the questions to answer is whether you should opt for salt water treatment or chlorination. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option. 

Salt water

Salt water pools still have chlorination, generated by electrolysis of the salt water, but at a lower level than a pool that relies fully on chlorine. Many pool users find that salt water is less drying on the eyes and skin. It also has a more pleasant odour on a hot day. 

The chlorine in pools is generated by a salt water generator. The generator runs on electricity, which can add a significant cost to the ongoing running of the pool. More and more users are are electing to get solar panels installed to run the generator, which helps to offset the cost of the pool generator. There still is a substantially higher upfront payment, however, due to to equipment when installing the pool, which can be prohibitive if you are on a very limited budget. The salt water can also leave an unsightly 'ring' around the edge of the pool, which doesn't tend to be that noticeable on light blue or white pool but can be vivid on a darker coloured pool. The discolouration can also affect pool toys and accessories such as motorised pool cleaners. 


Chlorine is a cheap, effective and safe way to keep pool water sterile for users. In order to keep the pool chemistry in safe range, pool owners need to regularly check the chemical levels and adjust the pool chemical dosages, which can be off-putting to some people who are not used to doing this type of work. The pool chemicals also have regular costs associated with them, although this is lower than the cost of running a generator. The chemicals can be dangerous if touched or eaten, so they need to be kept stored away from young children or animals. 

Some users who are a more sensitive, such as young babies or people prone to excema and similar skin disorder find that chlorinated pools can be a quite drying and lead to itchy skin. Finally, it can also give people with light coloured hair a slight green tone to their hair, especially if you swim regularly, which many users don't like.  

Choosing the right pool sanitation system for swimming pools will depend on your lifestyle and budget, including whether the main users of your pool are sensitive to chlorine. 


31 March 2016

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