Custom Design Pool Ideas For Small Backyards


Having a backyard pool is part of the great Australian dream. If you live in a part of the country that experiences very hot weather, then it can be almost considered an essential feature for enduring the long, sticky summer days. Many people may want a pool but believe that their backyard isn't big enough to accommodate one and still leave enough room for kids to play or pets to run around in. Fortunately, there are a few different options that will provide all the benefits of having a swimming pool without taking up too much space.

A lap pool

Lap pools are long, narrow pools which don't take up much room but still allow you to use your pool to exercise in. These are ideal for small gardens because they can be installed in unobtrusive places such as along a boundary fence or even down the side of your house in an area that isn't normally used for recreation.

Lap pools can also make a stunning feature if you install them to run right along the side of the house by a wall of full-length windows. They provide a beautiful outlook from the home and also reduce the cost of pool fencing because the house itself acts as a physical safety barrier.

A plunge pool

Plunge pools are very small pools, often only a couple of metres in length and width. What they lack in square meterage, they make up for in depth and are generally several feet deep. This allows you to take a full-body dip to cool down and is safe for diving and jumping into without the risk of hitting the bottom.

Plunge pools are perfect for really tiny gardens or homes which only have a small courtyard, patio, or deck. If you have small children who aren't strong swimmers, or you'd like a place to recline in comfort, then you can have a small seating platform built into one side of the plunge pool that is much shallower than the main part of the pool.

A cast concrete pool

Cast concrete pools are generally round and resemble the old-fashioned water tanks that were found on rural properties in the past. Concrete is having a style revival, and the use of brightly coloured aggregates within the concrete mix can create an attractive and contemporary look.

Cast concrete pools are formed into a single, solid piece, and they're incredibly strong. They're designed to sit above ground, and they're perfect for utilising awkward spaces on steep blocks of land that would be unusable for normal recreation activities.

Whichever style of pool appeals to you, it's a good idea to consult with an experienced pool contractor before making the final decision. They can assess your backyard, ascertain your needs, and help you to custom design the perfect pool.


28 March 2016

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